Unclaimed Financial LLC Specializes in locating and retrieving unclaimed assets for individuals or entities entitled to receive funds. UFA bears all costs in the collection process. An unclaimed asset becomes abandoned in the eyes of the law when an owner or heir fails to communicate an interest in it over a period of years, known as the dormancy period. The government takes custody of billions of dollars annually in lost money and unclaimed property in a legal process known as “escheat.” In most cases unclaimed money may be claimed indefinitely, but there are exceptions.

Finding lost money is complicated by the fact that there is no central repository for unclaimed funds. Each state maintains a missing money database, but there is no true national unclaimed property database. A 1965 US Supreme Court decision allows unclaimed money to be held just about anywhere, regardless of where you now live.

Count on us for the expertise, experience, and timeliness, to aid you in the proper collection of these funds, UFA is dedicated to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. There are no hidden fees, and we will use our resources to help you get cash quickly.

For more information on using our services, or if you are ready to begin the process, please contact us.